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October 31, 2009


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I preside over this sediment

On the corner of the block of my residence

where ignorance and negligence

are extremely prevalent

unless your heaven sent

while the rest of the lost souls

are wondering where heaven went

where its been predicted since elementary

for me to reside in penitentiaries

anywhere from a couple yrs

to more than a quarter century

where my history was taken

and my futures been forsaken

yet they condemn for me makin

the path that im makin

where im guilty above all else

and we try to educate our false selves

to why we live in this forced hell

where we don’t have expectancies

and theres increasing dependency

on white, green and ecstasy

where we’re living in dangerous times

and the most heinous crimes

are the latest crimes

where fire arms

are as essential as fire alarms

because the police

rapidly fires on the unarmed

where its news to the news

when someone doesn’t fail

when their mom is on corners

and their fathers in jail

where I happen to fit every description

and we happen to live by a code of every religion

where priorities are not focused

and poets write an opus

to show that we’re not hopeless

where my hope is

we steer clear of show biz

and grow kids to recognize

how important their vote is


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved


My Inspiration

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All of my inspiration

Comes from the blood, tears and perspiration

Of other generations

Who dealt with the frustration

Of dealing wit segregation

Dealt wit the plantation

Til they were dealt a revelation

And the deal wasn’t the new deal

Or the emancipation

It came in the form of the

Unconscious imagination

Where they would find justification

To gain their liberation

Right around the time X became apart of the equation

And a true King didn’t have to rule the nation

But it seems their work has been lost in translation

Where we have a preoccupation with procrastination

Yet we have an expectation for instant gratification

Where they have used manipulation to maintain our polarization

They decrease our education to increase our incarceration

This whole situation needs serious re-evaluation

In my interpretation we need unification

To jumpstart the acceleration so we can reach our destination

We need a combination of

Desperation and dedication

With determination as its foundation

We need this generation to start this conversation

Our emancipation depends on our maturation

Look how the Haitians revolted against discrimination

With no intimidation

That is my inspiration


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Imprint of your body

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I look at the imprint of your body

Left on the other side of the bed

Wishing you were still there

Laying ever so peaceful

Radiantly glowing


your pillow is cold

like summer days in July

after you left me

after you left me

to look at the imprint of your body

left on the other side of the bed

wishing you were still there


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Lost in You

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No life jacket

No compass


I’ve been thrown over board

into the ocean of you

eyes below sea level

wave upon wave crashing

I smile

Nothing in sight

My eyes close

One last breath

Submerged with her being

Her essence

I let go

Not knowing where I’m headed

Not knowing how I’ll end up

Not caring

I give in

Wave upon wave crashing

I smile

Float me away

Float me into the sunset

Float me

Float me for miles

For eternity

Every inch

Every meter

Every second…

I awake at shore

Gaze fixed upon still waters

I smile


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

I cried last night

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I cried last night

Tears from years of keeping things in

Tears from years ago now my weeping begins

From friends being murdered in the depths of the nite

To in front of bright day light

In towns out of town

For if they cried out for me and I never heard that sound

I cried

I cried tears of frustration

Of dealing with this nation

Because I’m only an 8th of the population

But over 50% of those in incarceration

Tears for lives being destroyed

And children being devoid

Of everything since its hard for their parents to be employed

I cried

I cried tears till my eyes swelled

Because I cant come out of my shell

Its hard to see heavens angel when you’ve lived through my hell

Where is she whom my soul desperately seeks

Haven’t found her in schools nor roaming the streets

Hearts been broken so many times I will never be complete

I remain depressed

Because I have no one to relieve my stress

Nor do I know how to take those steps

What was hope has turned to a faint wish and is now a permanent pain in my chest

My white sclera turns red

Thinking about what’s ahead

Wondering if I should just quit it all forgo it instead

How one who cries with deep concern

For all, have no one wanting to be there for him in return…

Yes I cried last night

Against my own will

I could no longer keep it bottled in

I was over come with many of life’s ills

Last night

Was not the last night

That I will cry


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Kisses on the Cheek

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Kisses on the cheek

For you to smile when things are bleak

Black Woman

I Love You

Why do you let them take your smile

Only to have them take your style?

Institutions created to take your child…..

You birthed me

Groomed me to be what this earth sees


Your pain is what truly hurts me…


Kisses on the forehead

To clear the image of you that’s distorted

Black Woman

I Love You

Why do you allow yourself to be portrayed

In a seductress and temptress way

Only to be led astray?

You consume me

Your every glance just so happens to move me


Your familiarity always presents something that’s new to me…


Kisses on your neck

To vocally address your lack of respect

Black Woman

I Love You

Where for has your glory gone?

Scarless from battles that leave most morbidly scorn

A true Queen reduced to that of a pawn…

You astound me

Lost amongst societies thick fog you found me

So Profoundly

You enhance the quality of everything around me


Kisses on your ear

To draw you close and near

Black Woman

I Love You

How can I begin to mend

This societies alarming trend

Dividing you and your black men?

Walks along the beach hands held

Cuddling in sand self hate left quelled

We gaze upon star lit skies our destinies spelled

Into each others eyes, our souls meld


Kisses on your hand

To make you understand

Black Woman

I Love You

At what lengths must one go

Mountains scalled, oceans rowed

For us to ascend to loves highest plateau?

You are a work of art

Masterfully crafted from the start

You make Picasso’s best work look like it was done in the dark…


Kisses on your toes …

Just to show…

Black Woman

I Love You

Why do I love thee so?

Could it be the stride in your step

The grace of your style

The fire in your eyes

The sun in your smile?

It is all the above


Phenomenal Woman

Black Woman

You are to me…


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Black Fist in The Blue Sky

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Black fist in the blue sky

Red blood flows from where the truth lies

Leaks down to the Green grass

Thats where we stand

With our …

Black fists in the blue sky

Waiting for the truth to rise

Before their troops arrive

Impoverished groups deprived

See their youth just die

And wonder who decides

And remain clueless why

So I

put my …

Black fist in the blue sky

For those who cant raise theirs

And know that life aint fair

For the young ones

To know we love thum

For the incapable

Who knows their fate is due

And its inescapable

Its not explainable

For injustices

We shouldn’t suffer this

For equality

No more poverty

For Mississippi

And New Orleans

So this American nightmare

Can turn into the American dream

For Darfur & Liberia

South Africa, Haiti, Ghana & Nigeria

For our people

Who fought these evils

And over came attempts by the deceitful

For my ancestors in the heavens

For March 6th 1957

For the world to see

It means the world to me

Whenever I see a …

Black fist in the blue sky


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Trials & Tribulations of Love

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Love has no compass

Path to take, footprints to trace

Where do I begin?


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved


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Desire for you

Intensifies by the day

Come into my arms


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

Wake Up

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I woke up today
with my soul screaming freedom
black people wake up


© GmanSpeaks, 2009 All rights reserved

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